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The Niqab is no Reason to Deny a Girl an Education

The niqab is no reason to deny a girl an education

A school in Camden has barred a pupil for wearing a veil. This is not how a liberal education should work

‘The veil is a metaphor not just for the struggle between religious faith and feminism but for deep contemporary fears of division and distance.’ Photograph: Don McPhee for the Guardian

Gotcha, as the Sun is surely thinking. Once again, Ed Miliband has been done up like a kipper by the tabloid of choice for the struggling low-earners he seeks to represent. And this time it’s not for going along with one of its patriotic publicity stunts – as when he posed with its World Cup front page – but for refusing. Asked on a crazily busy day to be photographed wearing a Help for Heroes charity wristband, he failed to do so, and was duly patriot-shamed. …



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