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Black Mark on Breast Cancer Deaths

Black Mark on Breast Cancer Deaths

“The Black female is assaulted in her

tender years by all those common

forces of nature at the same time

she is caught in the tripartite

crossfire of masculine prejudice,

white illogical hate and Black

lack of power.”

– Maya Angelou


*     *     *     *


The January 13, 1015 issue of the

Journal of the American Medical

Association (JAMA) includes a study

in which Toronto researchers

examined data from 373,563 American

women diagnosed with breast cancer

between 2004 and 2011 and determined

that black women were at a significantly

higher risk of dying from breast cancer

than white women. 


Researchers found that black women and

white women had similar accessibility

to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment

facilities and by doing so, eliminated

financial factors as a consideration.

Researchers hypothesized that perhaps it

was an unknown environmental factor,

such as diet. Scientists were not able

to be specific, and conjectured

that one day a new factor might be

determined by further research.


There is such a factor, but who but

Notmilk has ever suggested the link?


Fact is, there is a financial disparity,

and black women are the recipients of

free food in order to make things equal,

and thanks to government ignorance,

an attempt to equalize the nutritional

playing field has become an unequal

solution to increases mortality. Black

women die from IGF-1 naturally contained

in free dairy contained in subsidized

USDA feeding programs. For goodness

sake, the logic behind this is so simple,

so deal with the following and act



*     *     *     *

“Everything should be made as

simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein


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