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Hundreds of women left Western countries for Islamic State: study

Global News

While the number of men who become foreign fighters in the ranks ISIS reaches a significant high point, a new study suggests hundreds of women from Western countries have migrated to the militant group’s territory.

As many as 550 women have travelled to the so-called Islamic State as “migrants,” The London, U.K.-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a think tank, reported in a study released Wednesday.

“The women have been designated as ISIS migrants if they self-identify as migrants in ISIS-controlled territory,” the report suggested, using social media reports and news reports to help verify claims made by women saying they have travelled to ISIS-controlled areas of Syria or Iraq.

“Although the term foreign fighter is commonly used to describe men who migrate to Syria and Iraq to participate in the conflict there, it is not an accurate description of the women who travel to this region,” the report, titled Becoming…

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