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Goodbye (til we meet again).

Archaic Sugar

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I think the hardest lesson to learn in life is that there really is a separate universe outside of our hopes, aims, cares, desires, thoughts, and efforts.

And even if we are pretty aware of others and the world, most of us lose that ability in moments. Especially, where it concerns what we care about – in our loved ones (i.e. our wishes for them, our visions for them, our dreams for them).

But there comes a time when our loved one is NOT all that WE WANT FOR THEM. Instead something outside of that.

And most of us fail our loved ones in this place, being more attached to our vision for them than to them.

My mom passed away on Saturday after a long battle with a few illness. She became disillusioned, depressed, then hopeful, and finally resigned. Tired of her illness, tired of not healing, tired.

She’d even randomly…

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