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So deeply touching: “Isolation… Many Victims Endure”


Isolation… Many Victims Endure

So many of us have been isolated by abusers and bullies in various situations.

Some isolation has occurred in schools where we are forced to sit alone with no contact with others.

Some occurs in marriages where we are taken from families and only have our abuser and/or their family as contacts.

Other isolation has even taken place in workplaces where victims are kept silent by threats against them.

In all situations, this isolation is a tool or tactic used to ultimate hurt victims.


many victims endure.
With lives of abuse…
making many unsure.
Afraid to look…
or to someone speak.
Or to make a motion…
like attention seek.
For accusations flow…
like a pouring rain.
So to avoid attacks…
contact’s restrained.
Remaining isolated…
like a hermit alone.
Away from family…
or love that’s shown.
But we don’t realize…
our abusers control…
as we are isolated…
with wounded souls.
With no family near…
or no friends to speak…
the isolation deepens…
as the abuse peaks.
But God sees all…
and we’re never alone…
and as we cry out to Him…
His Love will be shown.
For in our isolation…
we reach out for More…
and He’ll be beside us…
like never before.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

Dear Lord, only You see the countless numbers of victims who have been

isolated with the various abuses. You see the wounds that have been

inflicted upon them so that they do not even realize that they are being

isolated in some cases. Then You also see those who are held captive

in total bondage by their abusers, physically and/ or emotionally.

I pray that You deliver all victims from the bondage of their past and

free them free from their captivity. Heal all the wounds of brokenness

and restore all that the enemy has stolen from these victims.

We declare freedom to all victims… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.




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  1. Thanks for the reblogs and all of the support. God bless you!


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