UK gains its first-ever female black university leader CONGRATS!

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UK gains its first-ever female black university leader

Ian Waldie/Getty Ima

The Baroness is ‘honoured’ to join SOAS, just as the school prepares to turn 100

The UK has gained its first-ever female black university leader in the form of Baroness Valerie Amos.

In its most recent statistical report, the Equality Challenge Unit found almost 70 per cent of senior academic managers are white males – with nearly 16 per cent of this group at professor level.

In stark contrast, the report found only 2.8 per cent of black and minority ethnic female academics were employed at even professor Level. ….

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Lost mother gives birth in wilderness, rescued days later

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: Oroville woman gives birth while lost in Plumas National Forest, spending three days alone with newborn daughter. Anthony Peters reports.

TORONTO – A California woman has been rescued days after getting lost, giving birth all by herself and having to survive for three days in the middle of a national forest.

Oroville, California native Amber Pangborn, 35, went into labour Thursday and decided to get off the Oroville-Quincy Highway, north of Sacramento, and drive ‘the road less taken’ to her parents home.

“I was told about this back road and people had showed it to me a few times but I had never driven it by myself,” Pangborn told NBC.

Her decision soon turned out to be the wrong one. Pangborn’s car ran out of gas while travelling along French Creek Road and her mobile phone couldn’t acquire a signal.

“There was no cellphone service, there was no… there was nothing,”…

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A Dutch women’s rights group said Thursday it will fly a drone carrying abortion pills into Poland this weekend to highlight the staunchly Catholic country’s restrictive abortion laws.

'Abortion drone' to fly from Germany to Poland

A drone flies through the Bavarian countryside. File photo: DPA

‘Abortion drone’ to fly from Germany to Poland

Published: 25 Jun 2015 18:28 GMT+02:00

The drone will set off from the German city of Frankfurt an der Oder, fly over the river to the bordering Polish town of Slubice and deliver the pills to individual women, according to the Women on Waves non-profit organisation.

“It’s a symbolic operation to show that these few kilometres represent a gulf in terms of respect for women’s rights and reproductive rights,” according to Jolanta Gaweda from…

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50 Human Rights Cases That Transformed Britain

50 Human Rights Cases That Transformed Britain

A journey through 50 extraordinary human rights cases that transformed all of our lives. Access on a desktop computer for full experience and click the story links to read a bitesize summary of each case.

50 Human Rights Cases That Transformed Britain

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Our Voices Matter: Congolese women demand justice and accountability video 2013p0

Our Voices Matter: Congolese women demand justice and accountability



Our Voices Matter, features interviews with women victims/survivors of rape and other forms of sexual violence from North Kivu, South Kivu and Province Orientale. Through their testimonies, this advocacy film highlights the multiplicity of perpetrators operating in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the lack of accountability for these crimes, and the medical services, psychosocial assistance and economic support urgently needed by victims/survivors.

The interviews for this film were conducted by six local partners of the Women’s Initiatives, who are women’s rights and peace advocates from Eastern DRC. The film was developed and co-edited by the Women’s Initiatives and its local partners in collaboration with WITNESS (

Testimonies featured in this film include Elisabeth, who was told by the police that she could not have been raped by the Congolese Army because she was ‘too old’; Riziki, a 17-year old school girl raped by several FDLR militia members who now lives with a physical disability after also being shot during the attack; and Chantal, a young girl abducted and raped by LRA rebels who describes the violence and trauma she experienced and witnessed. Our Voices Matter is a call to action to the Congolese Government to provide victims/survivors with the necessary medical and economic assistance, ensure domestic accountability for perpetrators, and increase their cooperation with the ICC. The film also calls upon the international community to support initiatives to prevent these crimes in the DRC, ensure the protection of women and girls and support ICC prosecutions.

Gender Justice Video Advocacy

In addition to Our Voices Matter, other videos in the Women’s Initiatives gender justice series include No Longer Silent (Uganda), Our Plea (CAR), Bridging the Gap: Reinforcing Gender Desks in Nairobi (Kenya) and a Sudan video (unnamed for security reasons). The documentary on bride-kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan is currently in post-production.

“The secret world of Isis brides: ‘U dnt hav 2 pay 4 ANYTHING if u r wife of a martyr'” theGuardian

The secret world of Isis brides: ‘U dnt hav 2 pay 4 ANYTHING if u r wife of a martyr’

What draws western women to Islamic State’s violent jihad? Nabeelah Jaffer spent months talking to British and American ‘sisters’, before and after they travelled to Syria. How were they convinced by promises of a ‘perfect’ society and life as a martyr’s widow?

Amira Abase, a 15-year-old British schoolgirl believed to have joined Isis in Syria
Amira Abase, a 15-year-old British schoolgirl believed to have joined Isis in Syria. Photograph: Metropolitan Police/PA

Karen sat in a hotel room in Istanbul, grappling with a difficult decision. She had spent about $3,500 (£2,220) on the round trip to Turkey from her home in the US but, when she had bought the ticket, she had had no intention of flying home. The return bookings were for appearance’s sake. Her SMS mailbox was filled with promises for the future: messages from an Islamic State fighter who had promised to marry her. But as she sat in that Istanbul hotel room, something didn’t feel quite right.

Her prospective groom’s insistence on absolute secrecy had not seemed strange at first. Karen had met him through the swarm of Isis-friendly social media. They started by chatting on Twitter and, then moved to encrypted messaging apps such as Kik, Surespot and Telegram. Paranoia runs through most of the online interactions – no one’s identity is clear, and anyone could be bluffing. But the hint of danger was part of the glamour and Karen thought she was being careful. She was in her late teens and had recently graduated from high school, where she had been a lonely girl interested in Star Trek and computer programming. …

How To Break Free From A Choke Hold. This Is An Important Self Defense Technique To Know

How To Break Free From A Choke Hold. This Is An Important Self Defense Technique To Know

women’s self defense frontal choke against a wall via @YouTube

The thought of being attacked and choked against a wall is a terrifying one, and thinking there may be no way escape, is downright horrifying. That’s where being forearmed with some knowledge of self defense just may help you get out a very dangerous situation.

In this video, a man demonstrates a self-defense technique against a frontal choke hold that he says could save your life. He describes it as a “brutal street technique” but it’s useful for people who may not have the brute strength to overpower their attacker.

I’ll definitely be making note of this! Please pass along this informative video to your loved ones.


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