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The irrefutable proof that Brazil tolerates the killing of the poor and black – Documentary registers memories of black Brazilians affected by Military Police massacres

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Police violence has always been an issue that this blog has never attempted to shy away from. Sure there are plenty of things of which one can like about Brazil. But police murders and violent oppression of poor, mostly black neighborhoods in not one of them. As previous reports have shown, the number of homicides coming out of Brazil are more synonymous with a country that at war than a country that officially ended a 21 year military dictatorship nearly 30 years ago. And although people still don’t like to admit the influence of race, the irrefutable fact is that such violence affects black Brazilians much more than those who are considered white. Considering such violence, there is also evidence that this constant victimizing of the poor, black population is actually an agenda that was planned decades ago. A powerful documentary…

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