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•UK police to open files on domestic abusers

  • UK police to open files on domestic abusers
    Will Clare's law stop domestic violence?
    A pioneering scheme will allow UK women to check police records to find out whether their partner has a history of domestic violence. The objective is to protect potential victims, but critics say the bill, dubbed Clare’s Law, won’t work.

    On Monday the Home Secretary, Theresa May, is expected to introduce trials of the “right to ask” scheme in four regions of England (Greater Manchester, Nottinghamshire, Wiltshire and Gwent) and Wales. The move follows a campaign for a change in the law to help protect women from domestic violence.

    Underlying the proposed changes to the legislation is the principle that women in abusive relationships should have the right to information on whether their partner has a history of abusive behavior.

    The legislation is being championed by Michael Brown, whose daughter, Clare Wood, was murdered by her boyfriend in February 2009. The 36-year-old mother of one was strangled by her ex-boyfriend, George Appleton, at her home in Salford. He later set her body on fire and went on the run before hanging himself.

    Clare Wood met her killer on Facebook and didn’t know Appleton had a horrific history of violence against women. …


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