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How Eating Insects Empowers Women

Brights - Die Natur des Zweifels

Skorpione, Markt in Shanghai, Bild: bb Skorpione, Markt in Shanghai, Bild: bb

The fried tarantula saleswomen of Skuon, Cambodia, claim the snacks they hawk have beautifying properties. It’s a time-honoured sales technique, and the cosmetic attributes of the spiders known as a-ping have yet to be scientifically verified. But the true benefits of a-ping are more than skin-deep.

By Matt Broomfield | MOTHERBOARD

The farming of insects (and arachnids) will play a significant role in the struggle for global food security. Ten kilogrammes of feed produces six kilogrammes of edible crickets, but just one kilogramme of beef. Urging the consumption of insects as a panacea to food insecurity, a 2013 UN report also noted that “empowering rural women can significantly increase productivity, improve rural livelihoods and reduce hunger and malnutrition.” As such, the authors argue that the edible insect market can enable some of the world’s most vulnerable women to escape economic and nutritional insecurity.


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