Woman walks into congressman’s office, sets herself on fire — New York Post

CHICAGO — Police say a woman walked into U.S. Rep. Danny Davis’ office on Chicago’s West Side, drank out of a bottle of hand sanitizer, poured the sanitizer over herself and set herself on fire with a lighter. Authorities haven’t identified the woman who was taken to a hospital in serious condition with burns. Police…

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Two government failures you probably missed this week Posted by Evan Bartlett


Just as Theresa May returned from her holiday in the Swiss Alps, there were two pieces of bad news for the new prime minister – not that most people would probably have noticed.


New figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that net immigration (one of the most important issues for the British public) in the year to March stood at 327,000 – a near record high.

The last Conservative government repeatedly promised to reduce this figure to the tens of thousands (even though the policy was allegedly born by mistake) – a figure that Theresa May has pledged to keep to.


GCSE results released on Thursday showed that grades had fallen by their biggest margin since the exam replaced the O-level a quarter of a century ago.

While some of this downturn was due to the new policy of making 17-year-olds with Ds or…

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Doctors who sexually abuse patients go to therapy and then return to practice — Later On

No protection, no oversight, no accountability. Ariel Hart reports in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: After medical regulators said he fondled patients, exposed himself and traded drugs for sex, Dr. David Pavlakovic easily could have lost his license. Law enforcement thought his acts were criminal. Instead of losing his job, Pavlakovic was placed in therapy. He was […]

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Photo: iStockphoto Almost any baby development book will tell you separation anxiety is an older baby phenomenon, typically occurring at about eight months of age. Before then, explains Jean Wittenberg, head of the Infant Psychiatry Program at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, “the baby doesn’t have the cognitive structure to recognize mom as an individual, or to remember her when she is gone.” Melanie Hannah might find that theory a bit hard to swallow. Her daughter, Caitlyn, is only now hitting the “official” age of separation anxiety. But, says Hannah, “She has been extremely attached to me since she was born. Until she hit 4½ months, she would not let anyone else hold her without crying and screaming hysterically, to the point where she could no longer vocalize because she was so out of breath.” Few babies are so extreme in their reactions. Yet most parents have no doubt that…

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Burkini: Are the Polititians in France Mad? — WiPoKuLi

Bathing Costume 1890 France has a long history in colonialism and colonial and imperial wars, especially also in Near East (http://tinyurl.com/pznrayh). A different matter is that Frances´s secular traditions should be honoured despite of that. I also understand the ban of the burka if covering the face. I also agree that the extreme covering of […]

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Invisible No Longer: Chicago’s Homeless — The Most Revolutionary Act


Street Life: Faces Uncovered By Neal Karski, George Min, Tyler Dubiak and Scott Hilburn (2016) Film Review Street Life is a portrait of the Chicago’s homeless population. It begins by demolishing the myth that homelessness is a lifestyle choice. In addition to a wealth of statistics, the documentary includes interviews with homeless Chicagoans, social service […]

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Muslimin klagt gegen Abendgymnasium

Brights - Die Natur des Zweifels

Bild: Wikimedia Commons/Steve EvansBild: Wikimedia Commons/Steve Evans

Darf ein Abendgymnasium eine Schülerin wegen ihres Gesichtsschleiers ablehnen? Darüber muss das Verwaltungsgericht Osnabrück jetzt in einem Eilverfahren entscheiden.


Weil sie wegen des Tragens eines gesichtsverhüllenden Schleiers nicht das Abendgymnasium besuchen darf, zieht eine muslimische Frau vor das Osnabrücker Verwaltungsgericht. Die Frau hatte im April zunächst eine Zulassung zum Abendgymnasium bekommen.

Die Schule hatte diese Zulassung später aber wieder zurückgezogen, weil die Schülerin aus religiösen Gründen ihren Nikab, einen Gesichtsschleier, im Unterricht nicht abnehmen wolle, sagte eine Gerichtssprecherin am Freitag.


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