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Photo: iStockphoto Almost any baby development book will tell you separation anxiety is an older baby phenomenon, typically occurring at about eight months of age. Before then, explains Jean Wittenberg, head of the Infant Psychiatry Program at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, “the baby doesn’t have the cognitive structure to recognize mom as an individual, or to remember her when she is gone.” Melanie Hannah might find that theory a bit hard to swallow. Her daughter, Caitlyn, is only now hitting the “official” age of separation anxiety. But, says Hannah, “She has been extremely attached to me since she was born. Until she hit 4½ months, she would not let anyone else hold her without crying and screaming hysterically, to the point where she could no longer vocalize because she was so out of breath.” Few babies are so extreme in their reactions. Yet most parents have no doubt that…

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